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A One on One Guide:

Basic Training for Spiritual Combat

Taking Back the High Ground There is a battle raging , and we are the objects of the fight between good and evil. Daily, the enemy attacks us with anger, immorality and priorities that push God out of the picture – but how do we fight an adversary that we can’t see? When we choose to become aware of the battle, we can don protection and arm ourselves with the arsenal that God has given us. Learn why your prayers sometimes seem powerless, how you can resist temptation and how to be delivered from the bondage to sin.

Chapters include:

  • Dealing with Anger Biblically
  • Counter attack: How to Thump the Devil’s Rump
  • God’s Solution to Sexual Temptation
  • How to Adjust Your Priorities

Previously released as Counter Attack

Something’s Fishy

Getting Rid of the Carp in Your Life

How bad can I be and still get to heaven?

What do you call the things in life that choke your growth and cloud your view of Christ? The apostle Paul calls them dung. Jay Carty calls them carp.

People infested with carp live in a place Jay calls Tweener’s Bog, a no-man’s-land between commitment and unbelief. They want just enough faith to get to heaven, but not enough to change their life. It’s hard to know if they are what they appear to be … do they really have saving faith? Or are they fooling everyone – including themselves?

Playing with Fire

Do Nice People Really Go to Hell?

Available free-of-charge in PDF format: Playing With Fire.Book

What people are saying about “Playing with Fire”:

“Entertaining, biblical and powerful! This book is a thorough, systematic theology on heaven and hell written for those of us who shy away from books with titles like ‘Systematic Theology.'”

“I can’t think of a better book to put into the hands of relatives or friends who question Christianity.”

“At last I’ve found a book I can confidently hand to a friend without them thinking I’m preaching at them.”

A study guide is included in the book.